Echoes of Ice by Boone Brux

Echoes of Ice by Boone Brux
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 350 KB

Once the king of his people, the Bringers, Gregory’s hold on the throne is tenuous now that the true king has been found. Handing over control is unthinkable now that he’s discovered his half-brother, one of the most feared demons to ever exist, is the true Bringer king. Alongside his followers, Gregory must travel to the Frostlands to find and defend the Threshold, a doorway that opens to thousands of worlds. With his second in command, Juna, by his side, Gregory will do anything to save his people—anything but risk her life.

From the time Juna was a girl, Gregory hovered over her like an overprotective brother. Despite the fact that she’s proven herself time and again, he still doesn’t fully trust her skills, but she’s determined to change that. As her group heads into the icy unknown, nothing will prevent her from fulfilling her destiny to put an end to the Demon Bane—not even her growing affection for Gregory she stubbornly ignores.
As the war between the Bringers and the Bane escalates, together they must risk life, love, and freedom to prevent the Demon King from gaining control of the Bringer throne and plunging two worlds into eternal darkness and suffering.

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